Corporate and Social Responsibility

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Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

We recognise that the promotion of our corporate social responsibility across the company, our people and via our involvement in the communities in which we are present, is key to our future strategy.

We continue to take pride in our market position as a company that is small enough to care about its clients and employees and is experienced enough to deliver the outstanding quality of service.

We are committed to continually improving our social and environmental performance, with the clear objective to ensure that our activities contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate.

Famella aims to be recognized as an organisation that is both transparent and ethical in its operations embedding corporate & social responsibility into its policies and practices to the benefit of staff as well as the wider community.  It is committed to the following core principles in all aspects of its work and the fulfillment of its social responsibilities.

Famella’s approach to sustainable construction and its commitment to reduce emissions.   The company consciously monitors the impact that its activities have on the environment and will minimise any negative impact in a way that is safe, practical and economically viable to do so.

Famella seeks to enhance the environment where it builds & refurbishes, using sites efficiently, and where possible use materials, suppliers, labour and resources entirely local to its operations.

Famella carefully monitors the use of natural resources and appropriate construction methods.

Famella are focused on delivering a quality construction solution and reliable service and will undertake a programme of continuous improvement, staff training and development to ensure its personnel have the skills to do so
Famella’s activities and relationships are undertaken with integrity in an ethical, honest and transparent manner.

Famella seeks to develop and maintain long term and successful relationships with its customers and supply chain partners founded on a bond of trust, respect, knowledge, delivery and service standards.

The health and safety of our people is of the highest priority and cannot be compromised. Our objective is to have a workplace free of incidents and injuries and our Health and Safety Policy is being constantly reviewed and adjusted where appropriate to achieve this aim.

Famella will benchmark and monitor its corporate & social responsibility policy progress year on year against agreed objectives and targets.  It will identify and report upon key performance indicators in support of those objectives.

Famella will comply with all current and relevant legislation and seek further opportunities to add value to its sustainability targets through constant improvement.
Famella regard the companies in our supply chain as our partners and we encourage them to adopt responsible business practices and practices for mutual benefit.