“From my experience, having recently completed a project with Famella, I can say quite simply that they were a first class act and very importantly a pleasure to work with.”
Paul Williams OBE
Founding Director: Stanton Williams Architects Visit Website
February 2019

“Bonfield Ltd have worked with Famella on a series of private residential projects of varying complexities and values. Famella have consistently produced a very high quality product and also have been excellent in post completion service and response.

Their programming has been always efficient, and subject to design team and client responses, has also been realistic. In terms of pricing we have found Famella to remain competitive despite their growth over the recent years.”
Kevin Bonfield
Owner: Bonfields Visit Website
February 2019

“We engaged Famella for a residential project in West London involving complete rebuild of the existing internal structure and construction of a new brick and in situ concrete extension. Famella produced a very high quality project on what was in construction terms a very complex and difficult project.

They were great to work with helped in no small way by Famella’s collaborative and progressive approach – the project felt like a team effort with everyone pulling in the same direction with the same objectives. The quality of the finishes and the attention to detail are superb and we and the client are incredibly happy with the end result.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Famella and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”
Architect: Kevin Allsop Architects Visit website
Large refurbishment & basement in W2
February 2019

“Very easy people to work with, well organised and the quality of workmanship was second to none.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
Private Client: Neil Walker
Belsize Park
January 2019

“We began a major residential basement and refurbishment project with Famella in 2014.  Despite many twists and turns in the project, the Famella team, led by Tony Carter, remained patient, supportive, flexible, creative, constructive and available throughout the next three years.

They were terrific. The work was high quality, the people were a pleasure to deal with, and the end product is great. 

I have nothing but good things to say about them.”
Private Client: Dominic Shorthouse
Home in North London
January 2019

“It is always a great responsibility to recommend a builder particularly on complex and expensive projects, with this in mind I have albeit we are only 75% through my project. My experience with Famella is what I hoped it would be when I visited other clients’ projects which were completed or in progress.

I have never seen such attention to detail, such clean and tidy building sites more akin to an operating theatre.

Tony Carter and his team are highly skilled professionals with a commitment to excellence. Naturally they don’t come cheap but i have found in life you get what you pay for and Famella delivers.”
Private Client: Michael Gross
Penthouse in Hampstead
January 2019

“Famella’s understanding of bespoke architecture, refined materials and craftsmanship produces the highest quality results.”
Architect: David Liddicoat
Liddicoat & Goldhill Architects Visit website
January 2019

“Famella’s was not the cheapest quotation we received for our house construction project. We picked them because we believed they’d deliver on quality, and they did.

Our architects required a high level of technical execution which Famella were not phased by. They also appointed an effective foreman of works who conducted the myriad of suppliers and sub-contractors intelligently, while maintaining a sympathetic relationship with our new neighbours.

No project is without its alarums and excursions, but we would recommend Famella.”
Private Client
Large refurbishment & basement in W2
January 2019

“As a landscape architect the spectre of a main contractor getting involved in the build is usually a source of dread. Not so working with Famella who we actively recommend to clients with big build projects.

Tony Carter trained as an architect and has an above average grasp of design detailing. This makes the build process both dynamic and interesting. We have worked together on some of my most complex projects where the landscape design has needed a sophisticated technical fusion with the house build.

The results have been exceptionally well executed and the process enjoyable. We always look forward to our jobs with Famella.”
Jinny Blom: Landscape Architects Visit website
Numerous Projects
January 2019

“We have had the privilege of working with Tony Carter and the Famella team on 2 large projects over the last couple of years and given the overriding success of these would have no hesitation in collaborating again.

They have that rare quality of being able to deliver a high level craftsman like approach with detail techincal precision, good site management and above all,  productive, collaborative communication with all the design team.”
Chris Eaton: Stiff & Trevillion Architects Visit website
January 2019

“Almost uniquely, Tony and his team are still trying to deliver a personal contracting service – they really care, they put their name on it and they work very hard to make it a success. 

They completely refurbished our home and it’s beautiful. 

Take a look at their portfolio, it’s packed full of incredibly impressive projects and that’s not a coincidence.”.
Private Clients, Grant Brooker & Trish Thompson
House in Kew
January 2019

“I am a private client of Famella’s for a recently completed project in the neighborhood of Chelsea, London. 

Before embarking on the Cheyne Place project, together with my architects, we interviewed five UK contractors and did a lot of due diligence on each including inspecting their work on site at different renovation projects each was working on. 
Famella was by far the most impressive in terms of quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. 
This is why we went with them over the other four competitors. 

I can say that we have been overall very pleased with the partnership and thus convinced that we made the right choice. 

Tony Carter runs a very tight ship. Tony manages a very structured,  organized and neat site. He does not tolerate sloppiness, confusion and disfunctional actions. While he was not on site daily (he is the senior leader and thus has to delegate) he always knew what was going on. He assigned the project to two key guys. Both these guys were awesome, always respectful, responsive, helpful and constructive, going over and above the call of duty in numerous occasions, including a few special requests that I made on the aesthetics front also affecting the common parts of the building. 

The last element I would add to reinforce my support is that Tony hires young construction workers trained in Australia and New Zealand.  This is important in that when these guys arrive in the UK, they already have at least two years of technical construction training under their belts.

So beyond the two seniors on site daily, I also saw the same positive results and attention to detail coming  out from the various members of the construction crew. 

Finally, and very important, Tony has always been constructive and fair, which I personally witnessed and have greatly appreciated. 

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Famella and wish I could embark on another project with them!”
Private Client: Paolo Moscovici
Project In Chelsea
January 2019

“I would write and express my appreciation of you and your company’s efforts on this project.
This was never going to be an easy project with major structural alterations that needed extreme care in planning and execution and a very demanding client who expected perfection in all aspects of the project not least the high quality of the finishes.
I am pleased to say the work was undertaken to a high standard and I was very grateful for Tony Carter’s personal interest in the project, knowledge of what was going on and your willingness to get stuck in when required – we even managed to finish on budget!”

Project Manager: David Purcell MRICS
Project in St Johns Wood
January 2019

“Famella have a clear understanding of high quality and the hard work and attention to detail that is required to produce the very best results.

This is all too rare in the construction industry. The successful completion in 2014-16 of our penthouse on an extremely complicated central London site is testament to their high-level skills.

They should always be on your tender list.”
Private Client
Riverside Penthouse, Westminster, London WC2
January 2019

“Our experience with Famella on one of our most intricate, highly bespoke, residential projects in Islington – one with very exacting clients! – was very positive, and we are very proud of the end result of our collaboration.

We would therefore be delighted to recommend Famella as high quality main contractors for any sort of project that requires thought and care.

Tony Carter, an architect by training, provided a very personalised service, displaying a great understanding of design and exceptional attention to detail. We found Famella very professional, helpful and skilled – and a lovely team to work with.”
Barbara Weiss: Barbara Weiss Architects Visit website
Willow Bridge Road
January 2019

“Famella completed a major refurbishment of our family home in 2016. They were fantastic. Tony is conscientious, highly responsive and takes enormous personal pride in the quality of a job.

We had a diligent, considerate foreman throughout who kept an incredibly tidy site and made sure that works were undertaken with regard for our neighbours.

I would definitely recommend Famella”
Private Client: Edel Best
House in Kensington
January 2019

“Working with Famella has been a very positive experience. The work they did for us was really high quality and they have been consistently supportive and helpful both during the build and with any follow up support ever since.”
Private Client: Caz Hildebrand
London Fields
January 2019

“They take the unnecessary stress out of the process by being pragmatic, helpful and efficient throughout. The work is never let down by them as they dedicate their full attention and effort on completion to a very high standard. 

I thoroughly enjoy working with Famella and I look forward to completing many more projects with them.”
Ferhan Azman of Azman Architects
(visit Azman Architects website)

“Famella have executed several projects within the Grade 1 Listed RIBA headquarters. Each was managed very efficiently and completed on-time and within budget. The quality of work and attention to detail was of an exceptionally high standard and I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Famella.”
Martin Pascoe RIBA, In-house Architect/Client at THE RIBA
(visit The RIBA’s website)

“I regret that I have only had 2 opportunities to work with Famella so far since I have found them to be a very conscientious and dedicated firm committed to achieving high quality. They are courteous, reasonable in pricing extras and always endeavor to work well with my clients. In the restoration to the house in Primrose Hill for Sir Simon and Lady Jenkins they managed to achieve a very well built job which ties in with the existing structure almost invisibly. The father and son management team works well with Peter Carter’s broad knowledge of building and his son Tony’s attention to detail combining to create well built buildings, delivered on time.”
Brendan Woods AA Dipl., RIBA
(visit Brendan Woods’s website)

“We are very impressed with Famella, whom we worked with on a contemporary project that required innovative bespoke details and to overcome a number of site constraints. Whilst on site, they were very well organized and have been proactive in assisting us in resolving any construction matters arised.
Their professional and friendly manner allowed the clients to feel fully engaged with the project, and provided a stress free process while the clients were expecting a new family member.”

Nicolas Tye Architects
(visit Nicolas Tye Architects website)

“I have been working with Tony Carter of Famella on a rather large project in Highgate, North London for quite some time now and found him to be exceptionally professional, a pleasure to deal with, organized and neat and tidy. We encountered adverse weather conditions during the project and Tony pulled out all the stops and still completed the project on schedule. The standard of workmanship is superb and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”
Louise Lerman, Lyndale Interiors Ltd

“I enjoyed working with Famella”
Nick Helm of Helm Architecture
(visit Helm Architecture’s website)

“Famella have carried out two projects for PBA, a large extension to a 1960′s house in Hampstead and an extension and internal alterations to a Victorian terraced house in Primrose Hill, completed in 2009. Both were won through competitive tenders. Both had difficult site conditions but Famella were always well organised. The standard of workmanship was good and Famella were a pleasure to work with; PBA will certainly be happy to use them again.”
Peter Brades
(visit Peter Brades’ website)

“Tony and Peter achieved a great finish on this geometrically complex extension. The project has gone on to win a multitude of awards, the Carters should be very pleased with themselves.”
studio octopi
(visit studio octopi’s website)

“Famella Ltd were appointed as building contractors to undertake substantial extension and refurbishment works starting in September 2009. Considerable additional work was requested during the contract period and were willingley taken on board by Famella – indeed, their general philosophy is one of “can do” in stark contrast to the usual retort of “can’t do”. The contract works were at their peak during the appalling winter months but nevertheless not a single working day was lost. Another unusual feature of Famella is that they have a longstanding team of employees rather than sub-contracting work to parties of uncertain skills. Unsurprisingly therefore the quality of workmanship has been to a very high standard and what has been particularly pleasant for me is that I have been spared the typical hassle and anxieties that more often than not can be the case with this type of building work. It follows from what I have said that without hesitation I would be happy to recommend Tony and Peter Carter of Famella to any other prospective employer. Finally I should perhaps add that my comments are not that of a layman, indeed quite the opposite. I am a Chartered Surveyor who, for almost 5 decades have operated companies actively involved in property development and I do thus have considerable experience of building contractors.”
Michael Testler

“I have worked with Famella on two jobs now, from tender stage,
through complex site operations, to negotiating the Final Account.
You’re quick, you relish the problems which crop up on site and I
have enjoyed working with you. And our clients seem to be happy. I
guess that says it all.”

Nick Alexander Building Designer

More references coming soon…